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Fuel Filter Spin On, 2 Pack
AGCO Part Number
Fuel Filter Spin On, 2 Pack
AGCO Part Number


AGCO Genuine Fuel Filters will capture water, dirt, or rust before they damage engine components. Utilizing AGCO fuel filters ensures the utmost protection and promotion of the well-being of your engine. Our fuel filters are designed to keep the fuel supply to an engine as clean as the engine requires by removing particulate matter or debris. Allowing particulate matter or debris into the engine can lead to a disruption in engine combustion or cause injection system components to wear. Rely on AGCO Genuine Fuel Filters to protect the critical components of your machine and keep you up and running.

  • AGCO Genuine fuel filters prevent dirt and debris that could otherwise get into the engine and damage its cylinders, pistons, and other components
  • When replaced at manufacturer-specified intervals, AGCO Genuine filters will maintain high performance and prolong the life of your engine
  • Important for filtering out foreign particles that can damage a fuel injector resulting in erratic performance and poor mileage
  • Covered by AGCO Parts 12 months parts warranty
Product Specifications
207  MM
835  G
186  MM
California residents: see Proposition 65 information